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Undistracted by fancy effects or gameplay, Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG focuses on bringing an enjoyable shooting experience to players. You will personally make sharp shooting screens, shake the screen and destroy the colorful zombie army in the face of unexpected attacks.


Introduce about Zombie Horde

FPS and RPG Heroes

What is the zombie horde?

Playing Zombie Horde will probably be your first time experiencing a zombie shooter that isn’t dark, but instead has too many cool colors. It was the way the setting didn’t follow the dark school that got Zombie Horde off to a smooth start. Whatever genre you like, you will have fun in this new zombie shooter game.

Shoot FPS zombies with a new style

Playing Zombie Horde, you will be able to shoot down a series of zombies that are spreading throughout the city with modern cartoon graphics. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or have a lot of experience fighting zombies on mobile, starting Zombie Horde is easy thanks to the semi-automatic firing mechanism. You can play Zombie Horde with a high-speed shooter that only needs to be controlled with one finger. Thus, the first step made the game accessible to everyone.

The RPG element is also a part that makes the game different. With the achievements of shooting zombies, you will gradually accumulate more money and gold, providing the opportunity to open many new warrior heroes. By managing more than 60 heroes, each of which is full of unique abilities, different skills and unique weapons. You will gradually get deeper into the world where zombies have evolved with hundreds of unpredictable species.

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All the details that guide the game are also accompanied by a deep plot, very different from the initial superficial humorous impression when we see the graphic style. It is this opposition that creates an ever stronger bond between the game and the player. Realizing that a game is not simpler or deeper than we think always gets players excited and immersed in further exploration. Zombie Horde is such a case.

speaking of heroes

Without forcing players to be loyal to one or a few zombie-slaying warriors as usual, the fact that Zombie Horde brings over 60 heroes has shown a lot of effort to make a difference in the game.

Also due to the focus on shooting experience, heroes are forced to have their own skills, weapons, and upgrade paths. Each hero is associated with a unique backstory, past, and backstory. Heroes have their own weapon system, with their own fighting style and stats. In addition, you can also upgrade them through missions, campaigns and events that follow each other logically. You will get your hands on many different experience opportunities in the classic FPS shooter platform.

Talk about weapons in more detail. The Zombie Horde arsenal opens for each hero in turn, according to each mission. Each weapon has a different damage rate, design shape, speed, and bullets. You will witness giant guns that spit fire bullets like a mini cannon, or you can also use sniper rifles to shoot zombies from a distance. Each hero is suitable for a certain group of weapons to promote their combat strengths.

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The hero ability itself is also very special. Some heroes can create a barrage of rockets with their cannons, others can use their high-tech biological powers to kill enemies with a single shot.

Heroes and zombies are colorful and diverse.

Seeing well-drawn, muscular, playful and colorful heroes in a zombie shootout that should have been so gloomy can make you happy all day. Not to mention the zombie army is honestly kind of cute. The world has changed, zombies have gone through many stages of transformation to create many new species.

They wander in search of a source of life and you are the one who will meet all these new species in turn. There are zombies that jump as fast as lightning, some types of zombies are huge and have high stamina, you need to shoot some shots to kill them. You will have to quickly identify your enemy’s weaknesses and your versatile combat experience to find the most suitable fighting style in the blink of an eye.

Choose your style of play

Not just alone alone, fighting zombies. Fortunately, this world still has some other survivors. You can fight alone to fully enjoy the exciting fun of shooting every second. Or you can join existing in-game alliances or compete with other players on the global leaderboards in various events and game modes.

It is this variety that allows players to choose their favorite game or find fun in familiar gameplay but in a new way.

Download Zombie Horde APK and MOD for Android

If you have a day too tired of heavy dark zombie games, try this dramatic shooting game with animated 3D graphics. Its cute bright colors will make the zombie shooting experience more unforgettable than ever.

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