WNOP 740 kHz AM – Newport, Kentucky

WNOP Radio AM 740 kHz original broadcasts, Newport, Kentucky (ca. 1981)

Recordings, mostly comedies, collected on reel-to-reel audiotape by Loren Cox.


01) Sep 13, 1981 – Tom Carter’s “A Splash of Jazz” – Lexington Herald-Leader (May 1981) submitted to WNOP by Loren Cox
– More miscellaneous satellite radio broadcasts (received by Loren Cox)

02) (WNOP Comedy) Bill Cosby: “Medical Corpsman”

03) (WNOP Comedy) “Tortured in the Garden”

04) (WNOP Comedy) “Horror Movies”

05) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “Photographer”

06) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi

07) (WNOP Comedy) Johnny Winters: “Convict”

08) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Rock & Roll Radio”

09) (WNOP Comedy) Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara: “TV Commercials”

10) (WNOP Comedy) Vaughn Meader: “Khrushchev & Goldwater”

11) (WNOP Comedy) Vaughn Meader: “The Funeral”

12) (WNOP Comedy) Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks: “Astronaut Interview”

13) (WNOP Comedy) “Will you love me when I’m old?”

14) (WNOP Comedy) Vaughn Meader: “Billy Joe Balljack”

15) (WNOP Comedy) Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks: “Astronaut Interview”

16) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “The Turtle”

17) (WNOP Comedy) Don Knott: “Campaign Manager”

18) (WNOP Comedy) Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks: “The Shrink”

19) (WNOP Comedy) Bob Newhart: “Superman”

20) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “Moby Dick”

21) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi (dog communication)

22) (WNOP) Madison Avenue Flagstaff Singers and Folk Songs

23) (WNOP comedy) Pete Barbudi: psychoanalyst

24) (WNOP Comedy) Timmy Rogers

25) (WNOP Comedy) Bob Newhart: “Real Estate Salesman”

26) (WNOP Comedy) Johnny Winters: “Elwood P. Suggins – Auto Inventor”

27) (WNOP Comedy) Senator Goldwater

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28) (WNOP Comedy) Nichols & May

29) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “The oldest airline stewardess”

30) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “The Great White Hunter”

31) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “Granny Frickett”

32) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Absurd Impostors”

33) (WNOP Comedy) Timmy Rogers

34) (WNOP Comedy) Johnny Winters: “Lance Lovegard”

35) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Janitor vs. Tenant”

36) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Drug Store”

37) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Floral Humanism”

38) Winner

39) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “Sail Cat”

40) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: (high school math)

41) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi

42) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Absurd Deliveries”

43) (WNOP Comedy) Pete Barbudi: “Mr. Juice”

44) (WNOP Comedy) Bob & Ray: “Mr. Square Music Barry Campbell”

45) (WNOP Comedy) Jonathan Winters: “Daniel Douglas Diddle”

46) (WNOP Comedy) Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks: “Talking Two-Hour Baby”

47) (WNOP Comedy) Nichols & May: “The Relationship”

48) (WNOP Comedy) Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara: “The boss takes an employee to dinner”

49) WNOP Music Selections

50) WNOP Week in Dimensions – Letters to Dear Abby

51) WNOP Count Basie: “Everything goes well”

52) WINNER Ray Scott (WNOP announcer) /

(Comedy) “Man discovers that females exist”

53) WNOP Musical Innerlude

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