Windows 11 user? This new feature will finally let you download Android apps

Microsoft has announced a new update to Windows 11 with some new features and improvements. This new update will change some of the core features of the Windows ecosystem, including the new Tabbed File Explorer and Taskbar Overflow features. This could change the way we navigate the operating system. Beyond that, Microsoft is using AI to provide a feature called Suggested Actions. The tech giant is also expanding support for the Amazon Appstore which will enable Android apps on the Windows operating system.


New features in Windows 11 will be available today in an optional non-security preview and gradual rollout through the company’s technology service and new apps through Microsoft Store updates. The new features will be widely available for all editions of Windows 11, version 22H2 in the November 2022 security update release.

Tabbed file browser

File Explorer in Windows will now behave more like browsers. The tabs in File Explorer will allow you to organize your files and switch between your folders. OneDrive will also make it easier for users to see important information, such as which colleagues most recently edited or commented on their file. When you share content, Windows can also provide a list of contacts you’re likely to share content with and some personalized suggestions based on your Microsoft 365 account.

Suggested actions

Windows is encouraging the use of AI, which will suggest different actions by anticipating your needs and giving you suggestions for actions you want to take. For example, when there are phone numbers or future dates in the text, Windows highlights them, making it easy to click and call with Phone Link, Teams, or Skype, or click to schedule an appointment by adding an event in your Calendar app.

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Taskbar overflow

The taskbar is receiving two improvements. First, if you want to pin a larger selection of apps to your taskbar than space allows, the taskbar gives you an entry point to an overflow menu that lets you see all of your overflow apps in one place. just space. Second, when you right-click on the taskbar, in addition to Taskbar Settings, you’ll also see an option to directly access your Task Manager.

Easy sharing

This new Windows feature will make sharing files easier. Microsoft has improved the Windows Share experience so users can share files with more nearby discoverable devices right from their desktop, File Explorer, Photos, Snipping Tool, Xbox, and other apps.

photo app

The Photos app will be a hub for all your pictures from your phone, camera, and OneDrive. The new app will arrive at the end of October. Similar to your Android and iOS devices, the Windows Photos app will also offer a Memories feature.

The Photos app can also access all the photos on your iPhone with a direct connection to your iCloud Photo Library. Users can get iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store, and photos you take with your iPhone will automatically appear in your Photos app. iCloud integration will be available in November.

Amazon App Store

Through our partnership with Amazon, users will finally be able to access Android apps and games from the Amazon Appstore. Microsoft has stated that this feature will generally be available in 31 countries. The Amazon Appstore will have over 50,000 titles to choose from.

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