Unhappy Raccoon 1.19.0 APK Download For Android (Latest Version)

Unhappy Raccoon is an adventure of space exploration, action, combat, companionship and recreation of spaceships on a mysterious planet full of traps and deadly dangers.


Introduce about unhappy raccoon

Fun raccoon fight on mobile!


In the battle to explore the new universe, you will need companions. They are adorable fluffy raccoons with their own style and fighting skills.

The universe in which you and your companions are present was created by Raccoon God. You are just one of several Adventurers trapped in this universe due to a series of unexpected events that just happened. Gameplay in Unhappy Raccoon revolves around battles on many different planets to find a way out of the “maze” created by Racoon God. When you finally face the Raccoon God himself, this live battle will decide the fate of all.

The Raccoon Army Roguelike War

Unhappy Raccoon is set on a strange planet and the main character is a raccoon. Players will quickly get caught up in the details of the game, or at least be fascinated by the design of the characters and the main role’s friends are extremely charming and colorful.

In Unhappy Raccoon, as a raccoon warrior, you will gather friends, constantly explore the universe and build powerful spaceships that will take you from planet to planet across the wide galaxy.

Unhappy Raccoon focuses on roguelike action combat. You will have enough time to build and train your mighty raccoon army and defeat all the enemies that appear on your way. By earning and accumulating more points, you will be able to unlock more types of raccoons. Each type contains a different ability, working together to win the match.

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As with other typical roguelike games, if all your fellow raccoons have died in battle along the way, you’ll go back to the beginning and pick them up one by one. Learning to patiently understand each person’s abilities and getting back to better use of each fight is also a good way to experience this little action game.

The roguelike mechanism itself also makes you more cautious at every turn. Fortunately, in addition to the main raccoon character, we also have the lives of our companions. This game journey point makes it possible for new players to continue enjoying the game in their own way, up to a certain limit.

enemies and obstacles

To get out of this mysterious universe, you will have to move, fight and survive according to the rules of Racoon God. That means you will have to overcome many obstacles and constantly collect mystical items to become stronger and more durable. At the end of the path, the fate that is also your biggest enemy is also the big boss named Racoon God. If you defeat this creator of universes, you will be able to find your way back to your kingdom.

But before you get to Racoon God, you’ll have to defeat all kinds of nasty viruses in the universe, maybe they’re the product of this boss. Those enemies are the smaller but cunning raccoons. You are forced to use all the skills you have, maneuver and summon raccoon friends to your side to fight them. On each planet you traverse, the enemy raccoon species become more and more diverse, with unpredictable fighting methods and more and more populated.

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graphics and sound

Unhappy Raccoon uses colorful cartoon and vivid 2D graphics to describe characters, perform moves and show quite epic battles. Hardly any fight in Unhappy Raccoon lets you down, both visually and sonically.

In particular, the design of our raccoons is extremely buoyant with soft, shiny, youthful and attractive fur. Looking at it, I just want to touch it with my hand. Imagine that each of these furry raccoon friends can also cast a fascinating fire spell when he fights against the enemy, the scene will be very funny.

Download Unhappy Raccoon APK for Android

Unhappy Raccoon is a small game, but the entertainment value is quite high. If you love fighting in the world of raccoons and want to find a crowded roguelike experience, Unhappy Raccoon is the perfect game for you.

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