trampling goddess [v2.0] [FWFS] Free download


  • Added a new “Personalization” UI.
  • Added new “Craft” system.
  • Added a new “Update” system.
  • Added new “Trade” system.
  • Added new “Consumable” system.
  • New “Reward” system added.
  • Added new “Treasure Box” system.
  • New “Gift” system added.
  • Added new “Inventory” system.
  • New “Equipment” system added.
  • Added new “Meterial” system.
  • Added new “Character Stats” system.
  • New “tier perks” added.
  • Added new “Create a Name” system.
  • Added new “Secret” system.
  • Save system redone.
  • Renewed leveling system.
  • All character stat perks redone.
  • Win and Lose reward perks redone.
  • All skill damage and buffs have been changed for all chapters.

v1.4 patch notes:

  • All character stats redone.
  • All game UI redone. It will give you the option to see very detailed statistics in remastered chapters.
  • Now you can title your hero. Use the ‘ASD W’ keys to test this.
  • Added a new inventory system.
  • Added 50 new items.
  • Added a new problem tree system for remastered chapters.
  • Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 remastered with new animations, new mechanics, new sound, visual results, and an improved user interface.
  • Renewed leveling system.
  • Improved main menu.
  • The Win and Lose reward system has been redesigned.
  • New pores and skin added. (Light Armor of Goddess Andromeda)
  • All skill damage and buffs have been changed in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6. You can examine them in the game UI.
  • The sound impact in remastered chapters has been greatly improved.
  • You can now skip some cutscenes out of urgency [Space] wrench. Check for the appropriate back corner icon in remastered chapters.

Chapter 6 Goddess Andromeda:
The new abilities of the goddess Andromeda:
[Ball Crushing]

450 – 550 Base Damage.
%50 Change to [Stun].
Suck 8 – 13 [Soul] of you.
Gives 30 – 50 [Bleeding Debuff].
[Bloody Slash]

900 – 1100 Base Damage.
Suck 24 – 52 [Soul] of you.
Da 5 – 8 [Deep Wound] Disadvantage.
[Healing Arrow]

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Now usable with support and grounded enemy.
225 – 275 Base Damage.
600 – 700 Base heal.
Day 15 – 25 [Bleeding Debuff].
Suck 8 – 13 [Soul] of you.
[Belt of Soul Eater Bar]

When the bar is full, Andromeda’s cursed belt is in a position to suck the soul out of slaves.
[Wound Bar]

When the bar is higher than 60 Andromeda fit to use [Bloody Slash] ability.
Number of [Soul]is absorbed and [Deep Wound]The amount depends on how full the bar is.
[Padding for My Boot] (New template sequence with lots of animations)

The goddess Andromeda loves to crush little slaves under her big foot.

Knowledge Points;

If you discovered any bugs, report it to your Goddess instantly.
items in addition [Gold Bag]sand [Parchamets]Cannot be used immediately. Collect as much as you can until the new update arrives.
Thanks to your help. Feel free to share your ideas. Goddess is not going to go easy on you, enjoy TRAMPLING GODDESS v1.4!


– No new content
– Some adjustments to some of the fights already present



  • You should not log in to versions earlier than version 0.61a; otherwise you will lose your save data. It will give you the option to access from here if you need to re-save your files. C: Users Username Application Data Local Under FWFS Trampling Goddess
  • Stage 2-2 he breaks souls is offered.
  • by jeanna [Flats Shoes] pores and skin added in store.

Giantess Warlord Jeanna, The Soul Breaker

New habilities:

  • [Slave Training] every beat of Joan Break streak in your soul. These streaks stack in Broken Soul Bar.
  • [Broken Soul Bar] However, you will have the option to make much less use of your abilities if the broken soul bar rises.
  • [Learn Your Place] You are susceptible when your soul was damaged. When this happens, Jeanna breaks souls It will remind you of where you belong.
  • [Submit to Divine Ass] (Anal Voro) The divine ass of the soulbreaker It will be the last thing you see in this pathetic life of yours.
  • [Abyss of the Giantess](Vore Death Move) Perseus’ skeleton will be in Giantess’s Abyss forever or later.
  • [Dirt Beneath Feet](full weight stomp) Frost Witch and Jeanna’s lethal mix attack.
  • [Perish Beneath Soles](Smashing deadly movement of the face) none survive he breaks souls foot! Especially the small faces of the slaves.
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Coming soon in update:

  • [Into the Goddess shoes](Template) Jeanna loves getting the life out of worms.
  • [Smelly Grave](death of template Move on) Jeanna feels her weight suck the life out of your damaged physique into her stinky sneakers.
  • [Bleed For Me] You want ?


  • New enemies; Amazon Warrior Princess and Amazon Frost Witch, Goddess Joan of Arc.
  • Young Perseus.
  • The Boy Perseus mannequin has been improved.
  • Gaia stage graphics improved.
  • Game efficiency has been improved.
  • Added Partical AAA system.
  • Employed professional sound actress.
  • Boss fights can be separated into different logs to reduce download size after this patch, but saving logs can be done together. On occasion, you will have the option to use the gold you got from Gaia fights for the opposing fights.

amazon sisters

New habilities:

  • [Amazon Rules] The combined assault of sisters can cause a critical damage.
  • [Little Slave] The Frost Witch’s eyes might shrink you, but her sister should also crush you if you end up being that small. So let the game begin.
  • [Rock,Paper,Scissors,CRUSH] The Amazon sisters will play rock, paper, scissors with the intention of deciding your destiny.
  • [Under The Magical Feet] Frost Witch will trample you to death. Watch out for the icy spikes.
  • [Under The Royal Feet] It will be in the next update.
  • [Sisters of Weight] You will become filth under the weight of two sisters.
  • [Worship Your Princess] Frost Witch likes to watch you, as you worship her sister’s big butt, but if you struggle to get away from her butt, she will punish you.
  • [Throne of the Princess] Your face will function as a throne! Do not transfer, thrones do not breathe.
  • This should not be a definitive model, graphic updates and additional abilities are coming.
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Goddess of Trampling v0.41 Patch Notes:

Added foreign currency gold.
You will earn some gold once you defeat the Goddesses each time.
Your save data will be used on every subsequent update and the store will be available quickly with tons of awesome stuff.
Start accumulating your golds.
Improved general graphics.
Game efficiency has been improved.
GODDESS GAIA New Abilities: [Fart] (True Believer hotpocketshogun need) The Goddess can fart in your mouth while sitting on your face and cause [Fart Sickness].
[Fart Sickness] You can’t heal yourself when there are Goddess farts in your lungs. [Melting] The piece of the Goddess softens you.
Escape from his mouth before it’s too late.
[FaceSitting] Damage slightly reduced.
[Fullweight Trampling] Damage slightly reduced.
[Bites] Damage slightly reduced.
[Heels] High heels are visible but wait for the next update.
PERSEUS Changes: [Vore Struggle Heal] Now provides 50 SP (was 25)

Patch Notes: Improved general graphics.
Game efficiency has been improved.
GODDESS GAIA New Ability: [Shrinking Blow] The wish of the true believer Tiynsuit. Changes: [FaceSitting] Damage slightly reduced.

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