The Last Days 0.3.9 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

As a girl who survived the apocalypse, playing The Last Days will let you experience many game genres in one game. You will craft your own weapons, fight zombies and find a way to survive in the harsh wasteland.


Introduce about the last days

Only the strongest survive!

The history

It’s also a post-apocalyptic theme, but The Last Days’ approach is a bit different than usual.

The Last Days takes place at a time when the world has become too modern, people have become cruel and do not ignore any tricks to provoke bloody wars. The future of humanity is becoming increasingly uncertain. Everyone predicted a devastating end, but no one expected that day to come so soon.

The greatest war of humanity between the great powers ended with a fierce nuclear bombardment. A number of cities, capitals and urban areas were engulfed in nuclear smog. It is man with his bottomless greed that has engulfed his own civilization. Also from the moment this great war seemed to have ended, a new war began.

Falling bombs, long-term radioactive fallout, have seriously infected many people on the ground. They had a strange disease. The dead are considered lucky. The surviving infected people have been transformed into creatures that obey only human greed, always hungry and always in search of food, including cannibalism.

They used to be friends and relatives, but now they don’t have enough reasons to recognize each other and are ready to slit each other’s throats for a piece of bread. Or maybe because they were so hungry that they ate the uninfected person who was the weakest in the crowd.

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People no longer talk about the terrifying future of humanity, because it is actually happening. Humans have mostly metamorphosed into unpredictably aggressive carnivorous monsters. The entire world was once filled with billions of people, but now there are only a few normal people who have not yet contracted the disease.

They are also the most miserable because they have to deal with the pain of losing a loved one and at the same time they have to deal with the zombie-filled world around them. But no matter what happens, everyone hopes to be a survivor. But only then can humanity’s survival hope to be revived. Will you, one of those few, be strong enough to be the one to survive to the end or will you be devoured by hordes of zombies that are becoming increasingly ferocious everywhere?

In The Last Days, you will play as a girl who is lucky enough to survive everything. You will find ways to survive as long as possible, using all your normal human ways, methods and abilities. There is no super strength element, no superhero abilities, here we are just a weak human running and surviving.

One finger controllable zombie battle survival game

Aside from the odd details of the game’s setting, The Last Days gameplay itself is pretty unusual. Not requiring a lot of fancy stuff or complicated controls like many other similar themed games, The Last Days can be easily controlled with just one finger.

Let’s see how things go. At first, you appear as a friendly little girl who even appears weak. You only have a backpack on your shoulder. But you quickly realize that there are too many threats around, forcing you to quickly find equipment and weapons to defend yourself. You will learn to use knives, guns and fight more and more skillfully against hordes of zombies walking everywhere.

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With one-finger operation deliberately designed from the ground up, you can play The Last Days in any situation, even when you’re sitting on the bus, in class… The game still has the necessary drama, but you’re still free to do other things. things without too much focus This is a pretty good point about this game.

Many ways to fight for survival, choose the one that suits you best.

Play The Last Days without in-game restrictions. You can choose to go and kill all the monsters that appear or crawl, hiding behind obstacles to remain undetected and minimize tiring confrontations.

Then, even in combat, you can choose to headshot the zombie to kill it quickly, or kick it with your foot to slow its movement. You can choose to fight zombies whenever you want, or choose to participate in limited-time events to challenge yourself that you already have enough confidence. In addition, you can also choose to engage in combat or collect many items and sneak into houses along the way to search for corpses and collect things from them.

There are no limits in this compact zombie game. It’s this simple yet free-spirited gameplay that sets The Last Days apart.

create everything yourself

From crafting ammo to first aid kits, pipe bombs, knife sharpeners, learning kicks and more, you will do it yourself in this game. The young lady you are playing from the beginning does not have any special abilities. It is the process of facing difficulties that helps the character (and yourself) grow, master many things, and master how to make different items and weapons yourself.

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This is also quite different from many zombie games you know, where the survivor is usually a veteran or veteran soldier, who can jump into the frenzy of battle right away.

Download The Last Days APK cho Android

The game is lightweight, allowing for one-finger control. The gameplay is quite attractive with unlimited freedom. The storytelling, character development is quite strange compared to many other games. The Last Days is a strange post-apocalyptic story that you must experience if you want to experience a very different zombie world.

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