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rokujou shion

Occupation: Exorcist
Age: 23
Bust Size: Okay-cup
Profile: From a well-known line of exorcists, she is next in line to lead her family. She has never met a person (ie she is a virgin), and she does not have a lover. She has a strong sense of adoration for Ayano.


Hinako Dougenzaka

Occupation: Exorcist
Age: 32
Bust Size: M Cup
Profile: Countless sexual encounters with women, tentacles, and monsters alike… but never with men.
She is a cocky and haughty queen with personality and a huge lesbian. Her lewd finger strategies can turn a woman into her eeeeeasy sexpet. Her point of attraction is the mixture of her peak of 179 cm and her large bust of 120 cm.


Karin Suzakunomiya

Occupation: Exorcist
Age: 18
Bust Size: H Cup
Profile: Born between a man and a Monster, she has 1/8 Monster in her DNA. Her sweat, saliva, and other such bodily fluids have aphrodisiac properties… that she just can’t resist. In addition, her phrases harbor magical properties that impact those around her.
While she may seem like she has a comfy, soft and fluffy character shape… in fact, she’s a downright sadistic bitch! Deep in her heart, she wants to provoke and torment Shion and Hinako…


Ayano Senjuin

Occupation: Exorcist
Age: 27
Bust Size: J Cup
Profile: Said to be the strongest exorcist in the energy service. She is powerful, charming and preferred by her friends. However, this has made her an “unattainable prize” in the eyes of men… and she or he spends their days accumulating unsatisfied desire and lust. While she holds the record for 400 undefeated monster battles… In fact, she lost herself once when she was a rookie and experienced an exhausting pleasure corruption feast.
After returning from the tentacle dungeon once, no one has seen her since.

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[Orgasm Anywhere System]

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. In battle or not. Shlick shlick shiick.
You can relieve your car anywhere, anytime. If comrades are around, lesbian fun awaits!

[Lewdness Level & Estrus Parameters System]

The higher your lewd level, the more erotic and kinky things you can do.
It also adjusts how others work with you at base camp and how you act as well.
[Base Camp “Toxin Release” & Powering Up]
At certain points in the dungeon, you will be able to return to the base camp to have the “Toxins” that have built up inside you “Released”. You can also buy tools and learn new abilities, spells and strategies.
[All Traps and Enemy Attacks are… EROTIC!]
The enemy wants to deprave you with pleasure and turn you into a lewd hotbed.
So after all, all the traps and all the enemies are erotic in nature.

Can Shion withstand the lewd assault? Wave after wave after wave after wave…!?

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