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Sasuke Hair FF Get Sasuke & Kakashi FF Hair setup here
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Sasuke’s hair FF – Seems like it’s not just Kakashi’s FF hair that a lot of people are looking for, just Sasuke’s Free Hearth hair setup may want to be used to relax male characters. But if you want to add extra details, you can also use the OLD FFBNL Santa Claus beard, so we are sure it will look more original.

As a regular admin, you will always give an interesting talk if there are latest details about your favorite sport i.e free kick. So for those of you who want to know more about this new product, please read this description until it is complete.

Who does not know the sport free fireplace? Well, we are sure that most mobile gamers already know about this great sport. As the game that has been mentioned as the best-selling and trending game in Indonesia, free kick often brings various types of attention to all players in regular events and updates.

However, the game that has the most active users, obviously not all items can be obtained for free, such as weapon skins, packs, and other items. So don’t be surprised if there are now so many config data cheat methods to get packs and what’s hot right now is Sasuke FF hair.

What is Sasuke’s FF hair?

For those of you who have used the free hearth kakashi hair setup and thinking head, you may be familiar with this dialog as the way to get it the same way, which is by using the setup info .

Sasuke ff hair is probably one of the most sought after hair items by players as it can be used to give characters a cooler look. Well, while it’s really only appropriate to be used on male characters, there are some that only apply it to female characters.

To get Sasuke’s hair for free if you play the game, it is important to use diamonds as this item is pay-per-use. But don’t worry, because now the admin wants to offer a trick on how to get free hair accessories, for that, please refer to the following additional information below.

The Right Way To Get Sasuke FF Hair For Free

According to the admin mentioned above, there are several ways to get sasuke’s hair on fire for free, one of which is to buy it from the shop menu and also from a special prize item event. But for sasuke ff hair products, that’s quite a step, so to wait for an award-winning event, the products likely won’t be released again.

But we are here to offer you a solution to get free sasuke hair without going through the event or shop menu, that is by using the configuration data file that many survivors currently use to get free items. . .

Well, because the configuration approach is now very talked about, because this technique definitely looks a lot like a hack, because it could open devices, pack them for free, or not use diamonds. Alright, for those of you who are curious, get the config file reviewed below.

Get Sasuke Hair Config FF


Before you go to the download file, you better make sure that the free fireplace set you are enjoying is as much as the latest model, because if it is still an older model, the configuration approach we are going to follow Share does not work. .

For that, you can check it on play store first, if there is an update, click replace, and then wait until the process of replacing to the latest model is full. After that, you can get free fire sasuke hair setup from the link.


What are you ready for, click on the download link I have provided above, then you will automatically be directed to the Mediafire download process, and since this installation file is small, it will not require a lengthy .

The correct way to configure the configuration file

Truly sasuke no hair setup fireplace install is similar to kakashi ff hair setup that players have been waiting long before so if you have installed the setup file before then we are sure you didn’t get it . You have a problem?

But if this is your first time using a configuration data file to open a free hair product, check out the information below and make sure you follow each step precisely.

  1. Make sure the mobile device you are using has the ZArchiver app installed as that is where we will need the help of the app
  2. If you don’t have the app, download it through the Play Store first.
  3. Then set as regular
  4. In that case, open the ZArchiver you put in earlier.
  5. After that find the hair config file, if found then extract the zip file
  6. Once the extraction process is complete, a new folder will appear
  7. Click on the extracted folder, then copy or copy the com.dts.freefireth folder located there.
  8. Then go to internal storage > android > knowledge > then paste the com.dts.freefireth folder in the knowledge folder to allow Sasuke Hair configuration.
  9. Now, since there may already be a single com.dts.freefireth folder, an overwrite file popup will appear routinely. Hit the swap button to swap the old folder with the com.dts.freefireth folder that added the hair config file.
  10. Accomplished

Is this Sasuke Free Hearth Hair Config file protected?

In fact, as long as it has not been detected by Garena, you will be protected, because so far many players have used the configuration file to get items and packs in the free fireplace game at no cost, or they do not. I don’t want diamonds.

It’s just that when you get non-game devices, the move is considered illegal due to the developer because the developer of the free game does not benefit. So for those of you who are wondering if the strategy of using this configuration file is protected or not, it is clear that this technique will not be protected.

That is why, for those of you who have a lot of diamonds, it is better to buy it directly in the game, so that Garena developers benefit and this game continues to grow. And naturally, the free fireplace account you might be enjoying will be kept protected and never banned.

Learn additionally:


This is the latest information this time we can introduce free fireplace game lovers how to get free sasuke ff hair with setting knowledge. Make sure all the reviews we have given above are followed accurately then we are confident that you can get the product.

If it still fails, Garena may have fixed the config bug I shared, and please wait for the latest config file to be released, which is only on, thanks, hope it helps.

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