New features and a new Nitro Basic offer for Discord

Discord is becoming more and more of an essential communication app. Originally intended for gamers, Pandemic has taken it to another dimension by allowing businesses and affiliates to connect. With this perspective of evolution aimed at non-gaming users, Discord, in a blog post, revealed new features in the app.

First, Discord has made it easy to access and use third-party apps. Thanks to the “application directory”, or application directory, it is now easier for server moderators to organize the various modules the way they want. Known as “bots” in the app, these provide a number of features. Where previously moderators had to get these add-on apps from the internet, it is now possible to browse these apps and integrate them directly into Discord servers. Whether it’s a DJ, an RPG master or a casino dealer, members of the server can communicate with them using the “/” command.

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virtual activities with friends

The other major addition is the new “Activities” feature, which allows users to interact with each other even more. according to discord85% of users surveyed said they regularly play games with friends on Discord”, and has wanted to reinforce this role of virtual intermediary by adding common activities to share the application. Now, in the voice channel or in a call, a button with a rocket will appear; By clicking on it, the participants will be able to participate in the same activity.

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All users will have access to two features: a “party”, a golf game and “watch together” to stream YouTube videos. Many other activities, such as poker, chess, drawing, and more, are available to users who subscribe to Discord Nitro, the premium version of the app. Please note that friends who do not have Discord Nitro can still join the user-hosted activity in the premium version.

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Discord also launched a new formula this summer: the Discord Nitro Classic. Low price for fewer features. It allows you to upload GIF avatars, use custom emoticons from anywhere on the server, or share screens and video streams.

Launching at $4.99 per month, Nitro Classic is being replaced by the Nitro Basic offering, perhaps for clarity, at $2.99 ​​per month starting October 20. To subscribe, simply go to the Nitro tab of the app settings. If you already have Nitro Classic, you can keep your current offer for as long as your subscription is active.

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