Nature Co., Ltd. “Nature Remo E” Next Generation HEMS System Supports Smart Switchgear! It is also possible to download energy consumption data with “Nature Remo E / E lite”.

Nature Co., Ltd.
The next generation HEMS system “Nature Remo E” is compatible with smart
distribution boards! It is also possible to download energy consumption data with “Nature Remo E / E lite”.
“Nature Remo E” complies with the ZEH national subsidy requirements, a commemorative campaign is carried out

The latest generation HEMS system “Nature Remo E (Nature Rimoi)” is compatible with smart switchboards (*1) from October 18, 2022 (Tuesday). As a result, it is now possible to check the amount of power for each switch in your home with the “Nature Remo App”. In addition, with “Nature Remo E/Elite”, it is now possible to download the measurement data of the electrical energy consumption. Meets the requirements (*3). In addition, “Nature Remo E” is sold on our own EC site “Nature Store”, and we are currently running a campaign to commemorate compatibility with ZEH.
“Nature Remo E” uses the “Nature Remo App” on your smartphone to visualize home energy consumption, solar power generation systems, storage batteries, etc. Product. You can check the energy trend graph of the day and the accumulated energy consumption in units of a few minutes or more. It has been developed to make home energy management easier, and with this update, it is now compatible with smart distribution boards, and downloading energy consumption measurement data is now possible with the “Nature Remo App” . (*1) A “smart switchgear” is a switchgear equipped with a current sensor that can measure branch circuits.
(*2) “ZEH” is an abbreviation for “net zero energy house”. A house that consumes less than zero energy
(*3) Meets the requirements for subsidies related to ZEH indicated by the SII, and can be used to apply for national ZEH subsidies. After requesting the subsidy, it will be determined by the SII. Please refer to the SII website ( for the public offering and details of the ZEH subsidies.
■ Summary of updates
1. Compatible with smart distribution boards
With “Nature Remo E”, you can add an ECHONET Lite (*4) compatible smart distribution board. This makes it possible to individually check the energy consumption of devices connected to the switch, such as air conditioners, eco-cutes, washing machines and IH (electric stoves).
2. Power consumption measurement data download function
Household power consumption measured by “Nature Remo E/E lite”, solar power generation/selling and EV power station/storage battery charging/discharging data every hour in a ZIP file (csv file compression) Se can be downloaded at , and can be used to analyze usage and apply for national ZEH grants.
Nature’s mission is to “drive symbiosis with nature”, and our goal is to achieve a world of sustainable energy supply with 100% renewable energy. In the future, we will focus even more on fulfilling our mission and accelerating our power management business. We will provide convenient power management services and aim to make the switch to renewable energy together with our customers, and continue to upgrade it in the future.
In response to the recent increase in electricity bills and the growing need for self-consumption of solar power generation, we have resumed sales of Nature Remo E on our own EC “Nature Store” site. In addition, a commemorative campaign supporting ZEH will be held from October 20, 2022 (Thursday) to December 25, 2022 (Sunday). Please see Nature Store for more details.
“Nature Store” is here:
It is also possible to request “Nature Remo E” to operate the device and obtain energy data through the cloud API. Please contact us if you are considering business such as home energy visualization with Nature Remo E, demand response type storage battery/EV power station control, etc.
Also, this update can be used from version 12.0.2 of this application. In addition, it is compatible with smart distribution boards from Echonet Lite Appendix version E or later.
Download and update the Nature Rowing app from the following URL. iOS:
Android: (*4) “ECHONET Lite” is a communication protocol that realizes smart homes. It is a communication standard for connecting household appliances from different manufacturers and for remote control/monitoring. ■ About “Nature Rower E”
“Nature Remo E (Nature Remo E: open price)” is a next-generation HEMS that can be easily and inexpensively introduced by simply plugging it into an outlet. You can check the power consumption status, power generation/sale status of solar power generation system and storage battery charge/discharge amount in real time from “Nature Remo App” on your smartphone , and you can also control the storage battery and EV power station from outside. . Also, when used in combination with the “Nature Remo Series” smart remote control (sold separately), it is possible to automatically control home appliances based on power consumption. “Nature Remo E” communicates with the device using the “ECHONET Lite” communication protocol.
■ About “Nature Rowing Elite”
“Nature Remo Elite (19,800 yen, tax included)” is an electric power monitoring system that can be easily installed at home. The installation is completed by simply plugging it into your home power outlet, and you can check the energy consumption information of the linked home smart meter in real time with the “Nature Remo App” on your smartphone. Also, by using it in combination with the “Nature Remo Series” smart remote control (sold separately), it is possible to check if you forgot to turn off the appliance and operate the appliance remotely. “Nature Remo Elite” communicates with the device using the “ECHONET Lite” communication protocol.
■ About nature
Nature’s mission is to “drive symbiosis with nature”, and our goal is to achieve the shift to renewable energy through the use of IoT products. In 2017, we launched the “Nature Remo” smart remote control and led the Japanese smart home market. In 2019, we seriously entered into the power management business with “Nature Remo E”, and from 2022 we will start to provide demand response services for electric power companies. From now on, we will create a new energy future by contributing to the upgrade of electric power infrastructure for the next generation, from smart homes to energy management.
Overview of Nature Co., Ltd.
Company Name: Nature Co., Ltd. (Nature Kabushiki Geisha)
Location: 〒221-0052 KDX Building Yokohama 11F, 1-1 Sakae-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Established: December 10, 2014
Representative: Harumi Shiode, Representative Director
Business overview: planning, developing, manufacturing and selling the “Nature Rowing” series
Power management business using “Nature Remo” series Products: “Nature Remo” series, “Nature Remo E”
Details about this release:

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