LOONA’s ‘LOONATHEWORLD’ world tour raises concerns due to THIS

LOONA’s first world tour “LOONATHEWORLD” is raising concerns after fans noticed this.

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LOONA’s schedule for 1st world tour ‘LOONATHEWORLD’ raises concerns among orbits

LOONA is currently embarking on her first world tour. LOONA THE WORLD, where the girl group is making stops in North America, South America, and Europe. Unfortunately, member Chuu had to sit out the world tour due to conflicting schedules, according to his label Blockberry Creative.

They kicked off their world tour with a fan signing event in Los Angeles, United States on July 30 before beginning the North American leg of their tour on August 1. According to LOONA’s schedule, the “Paint The Town” singers are currently in Atlanta.


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loona in new york

As the group holds shows in different cities, LOONA’s packed schedule is drawing attention on online community forums.

On the Instiz online community forum, a user brought to light the current situation with LOONA’s schedule for their world tour, including their other schedules between shows.

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LOONA's 'LOONATHEWORLD' world tour raises concerns due to THIS

(Photo: Instiz)
LOONA Overseas Schedule Until September

The netizen shared a table showing LOONA’s schedule from July 31 to their last LOONA THE WORLD show in Europe on September 16. The netizen then points out how the members get little to no rest between shows, that the members end up injured due to exhaustion, and don’t have time to recover.

In fact, member Haseul even hurt her arm and had to wear a cast. According to the netizen, Haseul had to return to South Korea for treatment.

The netizen also points out that once LOONA’s world tour ends in September, the group will barely have time to rest as they will hold another concert in Japan in October, followed by one in Manila.

Amid all this, the group is said to be preparing for their Japanese album.

Netizens criticize Blockberry Creative for LOONA’s busy schedule

After seeing LOONA’s schedule, netizens took to the online community platform to criticize Blockberry Creative. Not only because she couldn’t handle Chuu’s schedule that ultimately forced her to skip the group’s first world tour, but also because she didn’t allow the group to have any breaks.

Some comments from netizens say:

“I seriously feel upset and I’m sorry that the members get sick…”

“This tour is too intense.”

“They move from city to city every day or two and perform in between. It’s a pain to move, but they even have to do concerts too… It would be weirder if they didn’t get sick.”

“Are they trying to pay back the money the company invested in them during their trainee days with the world tour…”

“Looking at the dates, they seem to be running all the time without resting.”

“What legendary company.”

What do you think of LOONA’s schedule?

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