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Whether you’re boarding a plane, traveling by train, or preparing for a cross-country bus trip, there’s a chance you’ll be traveling without Wi-Fi. Even if the network is available, the price of the connection may be too high for some pockets. While you can do the best you can with the cellular data you have available, there will inevitably be dead zones on your journey where cellular signal is nil.

If you are a Netflix subscriber and planned to use this travel time to enjoy a Netflix movie, don’t worry. You are not out of luck.

You can watch quite a few Netflix movies and shows on the go, thanks to the platform’s offline viewing feature. If you’re paying for one of Netflix’s streaming plans (except for the new basic plan with ads), downloading content to watch later is a fairly easy process that takes all the pain out of worrying about when you’ll be able to connect. to Wi-Fi again. We are here to show you how to download Netflix movies.

The following instructions should work for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Fire tablet, Chromebook and Chromebox, and Windows 10 devices and computers. Important: While Windows PC users can download episodes for offline viewing, they must use the Netflix app from the Windows Store to do so.

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Step 1: Up date

First things first, make sure your Netflix app is up to date. If you don’t have your device set to update automatically, click the app store app for iOS devices (you will need version 9.0 or later), or do the same in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

If you use Netflix on your Amazon Kindle Fire or Fire device, follow these instructions to update the app, and for Chrome and Chromebox devices, you can watch using the browser or with the Netflix app from the Google Play Store, just make sure it’s up to date too .

If you plan to use Netflix for Windows 10Select Store on the taskbar or Start menu, click your user icon and select downloads either updates. Finally choose Search for updatesand the Netflix app will start to update.

Step 2: Choose your download quality

Netflix offers two quality levels for downloads: Standard and High. The latter is high definition: “up to 1080p depending on the TV show or movie,” says Netflix. Standard uses less space on your device and allows you to download content faster, while High requires a bit more space and patience. Which one you want will depend on how much free space you have and what kind of device you’re using. The Standard mode appearance may look good on your new phone, for example, while a higher resolution may be preferable for your tablet or laptop.

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To choose, look for the Application Settings menu. could be called Plus or it’s under your profile icon on Amazon, Android (Chrome app too), or iOS smartphone apps. From there, under downloads header, click or tap video quality either download video quality (Android) and select the quality you prefer. In Windows 10, go to Menu > Settings > Discharge and select the video quality there.

We’ll go into more detail about how much space Netflix downloads take up later in this article.

The Netflix quality selection screen.

Step 3: Choose your show or movie

Not everything on Netflix is ​​available for download, but the company has made downloadable titles easy to find by organizing them in a special section called “Available for Download.” This category can be found among the other genre options, as a submenu when you select TV shows either Films. On Windows 10 devices, it will be the penultimate option below the Home section. If you’re using the Netflix app for iOS, Android, Chrome, or Amazon devices, in the downloads tab you can also select Find more to download either Find something to download to view available titles.

If you are looking for a specific title, you will know that it can be downloaded by the Discharge icon, which is a down arrow with a horizontal line below it.

Screen available to download from Netflix.

Step 4: start downloading

To start downloading a title, select the Discharge icon attached to the show or movie you want to watch. Here’s a quick pro tip for Android users: The Netflix app allows you to specify which storage location you want for downloads. Previously, Netflix defaulted to the storage device the app exists on, but an update helped expand capabilities. Now, you can insert a microSD card into your smartphone and you will have the option to set it as your default download location on the Application Settings menu.

The devil all the time on Netflix.

Step 5: See your downloaded titles

Once downloaded, all Netflix content will appear on the downloads section. tap on the downloads menu on mobile devices or the Menu in the upper left corner of the app on Windows. The size and rating of the title are listed directly next to it. To play an episode, simply click or tap on the video thumbnail.

How to download from Netflix: See your downloaded titles.

How much space do I need?

The amount of storage space a download takes up depends on the length of the title and the quality of the resolution. To give you an idea of ​​the numbers, we went ahead and downloaded the first episode of Taboo and the Ryan Reynolds Netflix movie The Adam Project in Standard and High resolution on an iPhone 13 Pro.

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TabooThe episode of is 57 minutes long and its high-quality version used 981.2 MB of space, while the standard version used 226.4 MB. The Adam Project, at 1 hour and 46 minutes, it took up 1.12 GB of space on High and 493.8 MB on Standard. It’s always a good idea to see how much available space you have on your device before choosing between Standard or High Quality.

What is available?

Not all Netflix shows and movies are available for download, usually because the networks that own them have requested that they not be listed. But the good news is that every Netflix original we’ve found has been available to download, including Bridgerton, the last kingdom, vikings valhalla, Strange things, The WizardY cobra kai.

Non-Netflix Original titles available at the time of this writing include TV shows like Better call Saul, breaking bad, the good placeY Schitt’s Cove. Movies available for download included there will be blood, the devil all the time, Sorry to bother youY a nightmare on elm street.

However, there are some restrictions on how many times you can download some titles and how long you have to watch them. For example, you cannot download the same episode of Bridgerton more than three times in a single billing cycle. (Rare, we know.) You’ll also need to view each one within a month of downloading it before it expires for offline viewing.

Not all properties are so generous when it comes to downloading content. Occasionally, you’ll come across a movie or show that can only be downloaded once, as a result of the licensing agreement that Netflix has with the proprietary network. Such titles also tend to expire after a week if you don’t pay attention to them, and usually disappear 48 hours after you first hit play.

No downloads for new Netflix ad level

If you haven’t heard the recent news about the launch of Netflix’s new ad-supported base tier, you can check out our post on how much this and all other Netflix plans cost (spoiler, it’s $7 per month). And while it’s now the most affordable Netflix plan you can get, you have to put up with the ads that appear on the shows and movies you watch. But most importantly, in the context of this post, the ad-supported level does not allow downloading for offline viewing.

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How to enable automatic downloads

While manually selecting titles to download is a great feature in and of itself, wouldn’t it be awesome if Netflix let you download content automatically? Well, you’re in luck. Earlier this year, Netflix introduced a new feature for Android users called Downloads for You that uses your Netflix viewing history to select and download movies and TV shows that match your tastes. It took a while, but the feature is now available for iOS devices as well. Here’s how to activate it.

Step 1: Opting in to Downloads for you is a simple process, but keep in mind that the feature requires a Wi-Fi connection (no mobile data). To get started, open the Netflix app and tap downloads in the bottom navigation bar. Then touch smart downloads at the top of the next screen. So all you have to do is toggle downloads for you either on/off.

Netflix Downloads For You feature.

Step 2: If you are concerned about how much storage space Netflix will take up on your device, you can adjust your data storage preferences by selecting allocate storage. When using the Plus Y Less icons, you can choose between storage limits of 1 GB, 3 GB, and 5 GB.

How do I remove titles?

Whether you’ve seen downloaded titles or just want to make room for other stuff, you’ll eventually want to get rid of them, especially considering you can only have 100 things downloaded at a time. There are two ways to do this, depending on how much content you want to remove at once.

Step 1: Deletion of a single title

If you want to delete a single title, you can do it through the my downloads section. For iOS and Android apps, just tap the Pencil icon, which will give you the option to select the title or titles you want to remove. In Windows 10, for example, just open the title, click the Discharged and select Delete Download. You can also click the Pencil Edit and choose the files you want to delete.

Netflix screen to delete titles.

Step 2: Removal of all titles

You can delete everything in the My Downloads section individually, but if you’re looking to delete everything in one go, there’s an easier way. To go Settingsthen just click Delete all downloads.

The Remove All Downloads option on Netflix.

Having a library of downloaded movies and shows on your device the next time you’re away from home or on the road without a Wi-Fi connection will make the situation that much more enjoyable and entertaining.

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