‘He told me that not everything in life is comedy’ – Kansiime on Ojok’s split

“I don’t see marriage… I feel like I’m not working for [it],Kansiime said that he told Ojok, who thought he was in comedic mode. “He always knew that I was a comedian before anything else… and he told me, ‘not everything in life is comedy’”.

Looking back at the time, the comedienne said: It’s that response from your ex-husband that led to the breakup.

“If I can have an…absolutely honest conversation with you, who I think is the man I’m going to be in my life and you…don’t even take me seriously enough to judge me and fight about it, but you think I’m being funny… that’s when I knew this had to end.” she narrated.

Sometimes you need to recognize that you’re moving at a pace that the person you’re with isn’t, and if you recognize it sooner, you save both of you a lot of headaches.”

Other than that, Kansiime says that Ojok had no problems because it didn’t even bother her that they didn’t have a child despite having been together for five years and she was in her thirties.

With Mr. Ojok, the thing about him is, sometimes… I loved his reserved nature… this one can’t embarrass me in public… he’ll think twice about what he talks about. she said of her ex-husband.

He also said that he loved Gerald Ojok’s parents.

After breaking up with Ojok, Anne Kansiime began dating Abraham Tukahiirwa, better known as Skylanta, with whom they welcomed their first child in May 2021.

Skylanta, whom Kansiime calls Sky, was initially an employee at his recreation center called The Kansiime Backpackers in Kabale.

“I met Sky through my sister… He didn’t have a job, so when I met him, it was like it took up all his time.” she narrated. “He is hilarious. He is talented. He’s an amazing human being… And I talk to him and tell him how he was failing in my marriage.”

She continued: “I fell deeply in love with him without knowing that I was falling deeply in love with him until the public saw it… I was lost in being understood, if there was a trial, he would not show it… I fell deeply in love with the sky.”

The comedian says that she did not initially plan to have children with him.

Even if we don’t end up together for life, I would like a son who reminds me of this human being… to know that there was a time in my life when a person understood me, supported me in everything,” she said

Kansiime says that so far he doesn’t believe in the idea of ​​marriage.

“I don’t want to marry anyone because I don’t want to inflict my personality on them,” she said. “Sometimes you’re so independent that you know it to your core… that you’re lying to yourself.”

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