Eatventure 0.26.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins) Download

If you love minimalist games with fun blocky shapes and dynamic management simulation, you can try Eatventure. This smart and compact game will keep you entertained wherever you are in the most simple and concise way.


Introduce about Eatventure

Minimalist restaurant management game on mobile!

When players want to find the core experience

Mobile is an extremely convenient platform for construction management simulation games. Due to the intuitive ability to touch and drag, many games of any genre have been born. Over time, the complexity and sophistication of management simulations increase. And that’s also when gamers want to find the feeling of being as simple as in the early days when these games were available on mobile devices.

If you are looking for a simple management simulation game from gameplay to design, interface, and characters, etc., Eatventure can satisfy you.


Eatventure is an endless journey of a millionaire restaurant. Start with a small restaurant. You will gradually manage your restaurant successfully, expand the scale, continuously expand to other branches, earn a lot of money, hire famous and skilled people, manage and cultivate everything else, get rich in your catering business, and start to become the the largest food and beverage business empire in the world.

On that journey, you will go through 3 main stages. The first stage is when there is only a modest restaurant on hand. You’ll have to do a lot yourself, taking orders, cooking food, recording customer feedback, finalizing receipts and expenses, balancing revenue costs, and sometimes even serving.

All that effort is well rewarded when you get a promotion and start having the will to expand your business in the future. You are now entering phase 2.

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During this period, business is favorable, they start hiring cashiers, chefs and waiters, and improve infrastructure. After establishing yourself for a while, you deepen your career by opening a second restaurant. This is the time when you work less directly and start to focus on management, taking care of everything in general. The initial scale of the restaurant is also expanded and the products are more diversified, providing more profit opportunities (and risks).

Entering the third stage, it has acquired a culinary system of its own with all kinds of large and small restaurant businesses. At this point, you no longer have to think much about how to serve customers, or how to get to the restaurant on time. It is important for you to manage ever more accurately, maximize profits, ensure the initial quality of each restaurant and build the world’s largest business empire specializing in culinary restaurant chains.

Business automation, increasingly focused on management

Eatventure starts with a small lemonade shop, then you will have a small restaurant that sells simple food and drinks. Then, it expanded into a coffee shop, opened more restaurants, a food street, and finally a restaurant tycoon.

This whole process requires a lot of detail. You will need to take advantage of the game’s Business Automation to free your hands, think more clearly, and move your business further.

Whenever you complete a restaurant setup, the first thing you need to do is set up the most reasonable business process for your restaurant. Then put this process in Automation mode. The game will work with your own ideas and will generate profit even when you are not in the company.

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Strategy + Process Automation = Success and Expansion

It can be seen that the players themselves will be the ones who will draw the appropriate strategy to maximize their income. Only you know how many people, how reasonable the food and beverage production line is, satisfy customers, keep no one waiting, and always ensure the unique quality of the restaurant. This way, you can maintain resources and a growing customer base without overspending on new expenses.

When everything is stable, open the third and fourth restaurants, this automation feature will give you time to look around and focus on management instead of going into details.

Thanks to good general management, ambition and reasonable disposal of resources, he was able to open many branches and many other restaurants, which always guarantee the maximum income for each restaurant.

It is this income that he uses to open more new restaurants and begin to diversify more products. An endless cycle of customers, income, new investment, product diversity, stable quality and more customers… will always be present in the game to help you realize that you are gradually reaching the top of culinary restaurant management.

MOD APK version of Eatventure

MOD function

unlimited coins


Coins increase when you spend.

Download Eatventure APK and MOD for Android

Minimal graphics, mostly rough shapes, bright colors and quite rhythmic movements over relaxing music, Eatventure is a game that you can download to your computer every day, whenever you want to clear your mind. The game simulates management but is not heavy from design to gameplay.

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