Download VirtualBox 7 (offline installers) with support for Windows 11

VirtualBox is a cross-platform hypervisor that you can use to run other operating systems. When Microsoft made the Windows 11 requirements mandatory, it became impossible to create a Windows 11 virtual machine (VM) in VirtualBox, as it did not have the necessary support for the operating system.

However, Oracle has finally released VirtualBox 7 with support for Windows 11, so you no longer have to struggle with hardware requirements.

Download VirtualBox 7 for different platforms using the direct download links given below.

Learn how to create a Windows 11 virtual machine in VirtualBox.

Download Virtual Box 7

Click on the respective link below to download Oracle VirtualBox 7 for your respective operating system:

Download VirtualBox 7 for Windows

Download VirtualBox 7 for macOS

Download VirtualBox 7 for Fedore 36

For more downloads, visit Oracle’s VirtualBox 7 download page.

Install VirtualBox 7 on Windows

Follow the steps below to install VirtualBox on Windows PC:

  1. Start by downloading the VirtualBox 7 setup from the links above and then run the downloaded .EXE file.

  2. The installation wizard will now run. Click next on the welcome screen.

    vb install 1

  3. Now leave the default settings and click next again.

    vb install 2
    Leave default settings

  4. When prompted to install the network feature, click Yes.

    VB install 3
    Install networking
  5. When prompted to install the missing dependencies, click Yes.

    VB install 4
    Install the missing dependencies

  6. now click Install to start the process.

    VB install 5
    Start the installation

  7. Oracle VirtualBox will now start to install. When complete, click To finalize.

    VB install 6

That’s it! You will now have VirtualBox installed on your Windows computer that you can use to run more operating systems in addition to your current Windows operating system.

Uninstall VirtualBox

If in the future you want to remove VirtualBox from your PC, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Programs and characteristics subprogram writing appwiz.cpl in the Run command box.

    Open the Programs and Features applet

  2. Here, right-click “Oracle VM VirtualBox XX”, where “XX” is the software version, and then click uninstall from the context menu.

    Uninstall VirtualBox
    Uninstall VirtualBox

    If you are prompted for confirmation, click Yes.

  3. VirtualBox will now begin the removal process and you will see a progress window. When uninstall successfully, the window will automatically disappear. At this point, we suggest that you optionally restart your computer to get everything running smoothly.

closing words

Like Hyper-V and VMware, VirtualBox is a great hypervisor for testing your operating systems and other software. However, it had lost its popularity in the Windows world because it has been more than a year since Windows 11 was released, and now Oracle has released an update for its hypervisor with support for that operating system.

Anyway, for those who had their hands on VirtualBox, now is the time to return.

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