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HD*Calc is a Microsoft Windows application and can only be used on a Mac in conjunction with a Windows emulator.

before downloading HD*Calc version 2.0.0, you must read and sign the Terms of Use Agreement below and complete the registration form. After completing the form, you will receive an email with a link to download the software. The download link will expire after 24 hours. If your link has expired, request a new one using the Already Registered? form.

Terms of Use Agreement for Health Disparities Calculator Software

Thank you for your interest in using the Health Disparities Calculator (HD*Calc) statistical software to generate multiple summary measures to assess and monitor health disparities. HD*Calc uses SEER or other population-based health data to calculate absolute and relative measures of disparity. Please review the following terms carefully.

“Provider”: The National Cancer Institute
“Recipient”: the party receiving software materials from Provider under this agreement
“Software”: HD*Calc, a statistical software program developed by IMS, Inc. under contract to the NCI

Provider and Recipient agree to the following:

  1. Recipient agrees not to attempt to reverse engineer the Software. The recipient agrees to comply with all federal regulations applicable to research projects and the handling of research materials. Recipient shall not use the software as an agent, device, or instrument of treatment or intervention in human subjects research where such use requires the approval of an Institutional Review Board. Recipient agrees not to use the Software for human diagnostic purposes.
  2. If Recipient wishes to sell its own commercial software incorporating the Software or use the Software for commercial purposes or applications (including consulting), Recipient shall contact NCI’s Technology Transfer Center (Attention: NCI Technology Transfer Manager). NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences) at

  3. Title to the Software will remain with Provider. It is understood that nothing herein shall be deemed to constitute, by implication or otherwise, the grant to either Party by the other of any license or other rights under any patent, patent application or other right or interest of intellectual property. Provider reserves the right to distribute Software to others and use it for Provider’s own purposes.

  4. Recipient agrees that any of its publications or presentations using this Software will include appropriate acknowledgment of Provider’s contribution to the Software and will include the citation found at

  5. Provider and Recipient will retain, subject to applicable law, title to any patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of their respective employees developed or created using the Software. Neither Provider nor Recipient promises advance rights to inventions developed under this Agreement. If Recipient creates an invention containing the Software (“Recipient Invention”) and wishes to patent Recipient’s Invention, Recipient agrees to notify Provider of Recipient’s Invention prior to seeking patent protection and to work in good faith with the Supplier to determine the inventive contributions of the Recipient and the Supplier. In the event that Recipient wishes to distribute a Recipient Invention to third parties, Recipient shall ensure that the third party is informed of the presence of the Software and Provider’s rights thereto.

  6. The software is provided AS IS, with no additional services or enhancements by Provider. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED TO THE RECIPIENT WITHOUT WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Provider does not warrant that use of the Software will not infringe any patent or proprietary right of third parties. Provider does not endorse the results of any analysis derived from the use of the software, and Recipient agrees not to claim endorsement of such results and analysis by Provider or the United States Government. Recipient agrees not to describe statistical calculations performed in the absence of HD*Calc as having been calculated by HD*Calc.

  7. The Recipient represents and warrants that the Official accepting this Agreement is authorized to do so.

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