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MyFitnessPal is an app that supports nutrition monitoring, tracks indicators, provides regular periodic reports, helps you find healthy eating habits or pursue weight, fitness and health goals.


Introduce about MyFitnessPal

Your companion for nutrition goals to stay fit and healthy!

Why do you need MyFitnessPal?

I once followed a relative’s weight loss process. Realizing not only precise goals, effective roadmaps, personal determination, but also nutrition control is extremely important. There are times in the weight loss process when you need to carefully measure each number of carbohydrates, each GI. both weight loss (or weight gain, muscle gain, fat loss) and health maintenance, long-term durability.

But in order to closely monitor each nutritional norm for your body, you definitely need a special tool. One of the apps I have seen my sister use and find quite useful is MyFitnessPal.

What does MyFitnessPal do for you?

As the name suggests, MyFitnessPal is a helpful companion for tracking your body’s progress on various nutrition goals such as weight loss, healthy weight gain, muscle gain, fat loss, maintaining a balanced physique , resistance and healthy skin. Through detailed reports and indicators according to the user’s needs, MyFitnessPal will help you step by step to edit your diet, change your daily nutritional needs and support the achievement of your health goals.

In other words, MyFitnessPal is the nutrition coach you need by your side, every day, at every meal to give you the most accurate tips, instructions and statistics.

plan each meal

First developer note, MyFitnessPal is not a diet guide app. You need to understand this difference well to decide whether to use it or not. Dieting is only part of the nutritional goals. These goals can vary widely from person to person.

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Exactly MyFitnessPal is a nutritional health app. This way you understand their eating habits. Is it really as healthy as you think it is? So how do you make smarter food choices? It is necessary to complement and modify some parts of the diet to lose weight, gain weight and gain muscle. These goals can change completely with the progress of training and are not fixed. It all depends on the individual needs of each person.

MyFitnessPal, based on your personal goals selected by you, will learn to understand your health metrics, weight, measurements and the duration of your current exercise regimen, thereby recommending Scheduled Meal Plans. This meal plan will include specific meal times, carbohydrate counts, maximum allowable GI intake, detailed sample dishes, and amounts you can use for each meal.

You can fully cook your own meals based on these detailed references, following the recommended dosage in the meal plan to keep a close eye on your nutritional goals.

food diary

MyFitnessPal has won many top awards, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Today Show, and US Report News & World Best Fitness App award, and is trusted by nutritionists and recommended for those who need advice.

MyFitnessPal is packed with easy-to-understand, intuitive tools to help you enter, balance, and track food details in every real meal. From there, the app will directly calculate the nutritional effects on the body. And come to a conclusion on whether it is suitable for the current goal, what needs to be edited.

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The food diary tools on MyFitnessPal also work to help you refer to other effective weight loss procedures in the community. Through this diary, you can learn more to create an effective eating schedule based on other users’ recipes.

Ask the nutritionists

MyFitnessPal is also the bridge between you and leading nutritionists. By simply registering through the app, you immediately gain direct access to expert consultations. They will give you more specific advice to deal with problems, difficulties in matching nutrition with health goals.

MyFitnessPal currently has over 500 super healthy recipes and 50 exercises combined with different nutrition goal plans. Just follow these recipes and combinations, sometimes without creating a new one, you can still adapt your body to detailed goals.

Track every meal of the day

Today’s largest food database on MyFitnessPal will also help you quickly track specific calories from over 14 million different foods, including restaurant entrees and comfort foods. Simply enter a search, scan a barcode, or take a photo of a meal from your phone, you’ll know exactly how much energy the food you’re about to put into your body provides your body. From there, check if you are in line with the goals.

MyFitnessPal also has a calorie tracker that automatically counts calories for the day and compares the progress you’re tracking. Plus, with the Macro Tracker tool, you’ll see more detailed calorie and carb breakdowns by specific percentages. From there, there are adjustments to best suit your own condition and goals. This feature is also applied to closely monitor how much water you consume each day in different states. Water is also an extremely important part of the diet.

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Count calories burned from exercise

MyFitnessPal also acts as a general fitness tracker. The app shows the amount of carbohydrates and calories burned after each exercise session, suggesting more effective exercises. Plus, it’s connected to over 50 different apps and smart devices to sync results and tracking parameters. Thanks to this feature, you may not need another app to effectively track your workout progress. MyFitnessPal alone is enough.

MOD APK version of MyFitnessPal

MOD function

premium unlocked

Download MyFitnessPal APK and MOD for Android

MyFitnessPal is the app, the nutritionist that accompanies you in all your nutritional health goals. Just install the app on your phone, follow the discipline of diet and exercise, you will see results quickly. Download this app via the links below.

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