CBSE Class 12 Spanish syllabus 2022-23:Download syllabus and assessment scheme

CBSE Spanish Class 12 Curriculum 2022-23: Download the full syllabus and assessment scheme for the Spanish foreign language course along with the list of prescribed textbooks, e-resources and quiz design.

CBSE Spanish Study Program Class 12 2022-23

CBSE Spanish Study Program Class 12 2022-23

CBSE Spanish Class 12 Curriculum 2022-23: The syllabus to be assessed for class 12 students studying Spanish at the CBSE board is available on the CBSE academic website and on Jagran Josh. It is available for students to stay informed because the board regularly updates its curriculum to accommodate the demands of nature’s evolving language. Students must stay in sync with the syllabus to ensure they don’t miss any topics or waste time on any deleted topics.

The various topics covered in CBSE class 10 for Spanish learners are:



(A) Applied Grammar


(B) Reading comprehension


(C) Composition and Writing


(D) Culture/Civilization/Literature


Let us now see the content of the syllabus in detail:

SPANISH (Code: 196)

Class XII (2022-23)

Time: 3 hours

Brands: 80 brands

Section – A: Applied Grammar

CBSE Spanish Study Program Class 12 2022-23

Section – B: Reading Comprehension

An invisible passage of around 200 words with questions to be answered in Spanish from the passage.

Section – C: Composition and Writing

A short composition in Spanish on a topic related to life and its environment. (200 words)

Section – D: Culture/Civilization/Literature

  • Basic information on the history and culture of precolonial and postcolonial Latin America, in addition to the cultural and civilizational information acquired in Class XI.
  • Students are expected to learn about the three most important pre-colonial cultures: the Aztecs, the Mayans and the Incas. Students are also expected to receive simple facts about the post-colonial history of Latin America such as the War of Independence, the Mexican Revolution, the Cuban Revolution. Students are expected to know simple facts about dates, reasons, and consequences.
  • Students will also explore different aspects of Latin American customs and traditions.
  • The teacher is expected to choose the texts according to the general competence of the class.
  • Students will learn about some important literary figures from Latin America. The following additional choice of authors is added in addition to those prescribed in Class XI:
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a) Octavio Paz, works like glimpses of india Y Tale of two gardens

b) Rubén Darío, works such as blues Y the island of gold.

DOWNLOAD CBSE Class 12 Spanish Syllabus in PDF

Note to the teacher:

  1. The above content must be presented and integrated into teaching materials and communicative activities (related to the school environment) within the classroom in such a way that the student develops the following skills: CBSE Spanish Study Program Class 12 2022-23
  2. The following suggested lexicon to be integrated into materials and communicative activities in such a way that the learner practices the target language in real context: shopping, travel, weather, natural landscapes, vacations, hotel services and travel agencies. travel, historical monuments, literary genres, music, cinema, the press, the Internet, mobile phones, fashion, advertising, household appliances, etc.
  3. Efforts should be made to provide socio-cultural information of Spanish-speaking countries: fairs and festivals of Hispanic countries, places of tourist interest and monuments in Spanish-speaking countries, modes of travel and means of transportation, important writers and poets of Hispanic literature, Hispanic music and movies, etc.
  4. The examples mentioned above are suggestive and the teacher, depending on the needs of the students, can improvise the same within the framework of the prescribed curriculum to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

Prescribed textbook: Relevant chapters can be referenced for use according to the prescribed curriculum.

  • Aula international 3 (CD + workbook), by Jaime Corpas, Dissemination.

Reference textbook:

  • Collins Spanish School Dictionary Gem, Collins.
  • in action Spanish course 2, (CD + workbook) by Elena Verdia, Marisa Gonzalez, et. al., enclave ELE
  • Compañeros 3 (CD + workbook) by Francisca Castro, et. al., SGEL.
  • Live, medium level (CD + Workbook) by Aquilino Sánchez Pérez
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Electronic Resources:

  • “My world in words”:
  • “Lectures step by step” (adapted readings with interactive activities):
  • Hopscotch Pastimes (interactive activities):
  • “In tune with Spanish” (podcast in Spanish):

Students who are preparing for the CBSE Higher Secondary Board Examinations can click on the attached link below to check their preparation for all their exams:

Good luck to all the candidates.

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