CBSE Class 10 Spanish Quiz Sample 2022-23: Download Sample PDF Document

CBSE Class 10 Spanish Quiz Sample 2022-23: The sample quiz in Spanish is available to download for Spanish class 10 students on the CBSE website. Get the direct download link for PDF in this article.

CBSE Class 10 Spanish Quiz Sample 2022-23: Secundary level The Spanish Sample Questionnaire and its Markscheme are now available to download for Spanish Class 10 students on the CBSE website.

Spanish is considered quite easy for people who already know English because many words in English come from Latin and it also uses the same alphabets as English. It is also easy to write because many pronunciations are the same as its spelling. Spanish, as an optional language course, can be very beneficial for students, not only because of its excellent grades, but also because of its future prospects.

The various topics covered in CBSE class 10 for Spanish learners are:

(A) Reading section:

(B) Writing Section:

(C) Applied Grammar

(D) Culture/Civilization/Literature:

CBSE classass 10 Spanish Sample Question Paper is taken with a maximum score of 80 and students have a total of 3 hours to complete it.

The general instructions in the questionnaire are as follows:

  1. All questions in everybody the sections are required.
  2. Please Note the internal options given in the several sections.

X-CLASS (2022-23)
Allowed time: 3 hrs MM-80

Section A
Q1. Read the text and answer any five questions:

(Read the text and answer 5 questions)


Q2. Read the text and choose True or False:

(Read the text and choose the answer- True or False)

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See the complete sample questionnaire for CBSE Class 10 in Spanish from the following link:


  • Prescribed reference books:

1. Collins Spanish School Dictionary Gem, Collins

2. Learn Spanish through games and activities (Level 1), by Pablo Rocío Domínguez, Editorial ELI

3. in action A2, (CD + workbook) by Elena Verdía, Marisa González, et. al., enClave ELE • Compañeros 2, (CD+Workbook) by Francisca Castro, SGEL

4. Live elementary level & intermediate level (CD + Workbook) by Aquilino Sánchez Pérez

  • List of prescribed electronic resources:

1. “My world in words”:

2. “Lectures step by step” (adapted readings with interactive activities):

3. “Rayuela Pastimes” (interactive activities):

4. “In tune with Spanish” (podcast in Spanish):

The CBSE Class 10 Spanish Sample Paper 2022-23 markscheme in pdf format is provided here.

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Good luck to all the candidates.

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