Bubble Level PRO 2.09 APK (Paid) Download For Android

Bubble Level PRO is considered to be one of the unexpected apps that show the technological power of a smart mobile device. Through this app you can measure the precise balance of any aircraft thanks to the built-in gyroscope sensor.


Introduce about Bubble Level PRO

Use the gyroscope sensors app to measure the balance of any plane!

Bringing the gyroscope sensor concept to mobile functionality through an app

Gyroscope sensor is quite a common concept, you may have heard this phrase somewhere. This is a device made based on the principle of conservation of angular momentum, specialized to make tools for orientation and measurement in reality.

Simply put, the gyroscope sensor is a smooth wheel that can spin freely in all directions. As a result, it can detect the angular velocity and tilt direction of objects in any space, immediately reacting to tilt angles, thus recognizing imbalances of things.

Thanks to this precise versatility, the gyroscope is used to make Compass, Yo-yo and gyroscope, as virtual control tools in racing games (control by tilting the phone).

Another important feature of the gyroscope is that it is used to measure the precise level of balance of aircraft in construction, manufacturing, or research. This useful ability has been brought to life for mobile device users through a special app called Bubble Level PRO.

What is the bubble level PRO?

Bubble Level PRO is an Android mobile app dedicated to measuring whether horizontal or vertical surfaces are actually level with respect to standard coordinate axes. The origin coordinate axis in Bubble Level PRO is designed based on the gyro sensor, which means that it is always in the correct position regardless of space-time, and after each measurement, it returns to the correct original position. So you can know exactly whether the measuring surface is straight or horizontal or not, and if not, how many degrees it deviates from the standard.

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How Bubble Level PRO works

Bubble Level PRO is designed to be as simple as this: the object level meter has a glass tube filled with liquid. Both this fluid and the spinning wheel are able to move smoothly on their own in all directions. And when displaced, this liquid will leave bubbles in the horizontal or vertical tube of the wheel.

When you open Bubble Level PRO on mobile, the device instantly turns into a portable meter. Take this “ruler” on any edge/plane that needs to be measured for slope, you will immediately see the result. If the plane tilts slightly, bubbles will appear and move away from the original standard center position. At the same time, a clock will appear on the face of the mobile indicating the level of inclination of the plane based on the displacement of the bubble that has just been left.

Therefore, when you want to measure the slope of any plane, you just need to open the mobile phone, turn on the Bubble Level PRO app, place the phone next to the edge of the plane, and you will immediately receive the corresponding slope number on the surface. screen thanks to the ability to measure accurately based on the gyroscope detection mechanism.

For what/when/where is Bubble Level PRO usually used?

Due to its ability to accurately measure slope, Bubble Level PRO is often used to measure building materials and surfaces, or to accurately measure craft and woodworking products. Both designers and photographers often need to use Bubble Level PRO to measure the correct shooting angle or design angle.

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Thanks to Bubble Level PRO, you can create a plane or an object that has straight edges or is upright at right angles.

And not only that, go deeper, Bubble Level PRO also helps you with many small tasks in life, such as hanging pictures, drilling the wall, watching the billiard path, creating flat ping pong tables, setting up a perfect camera tripod and stretch the tent for balanceā€¦

During use, if you are concerned that the standard horizontal and vertical axis is no longer standard, you can press the RESET button at any time to return to the original standard state of the gyroscope sensor in the app.

Download Bubble Level PRO APK free for Android

Bubble Level PRO is a small app, but its effect in practice is not small. From measuring, designing, fabricating and building gauges to small daily errands, it’s all possible with this precise measuring tool. Do you already have Bubble Level PRO on your device?

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