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Below are the Terms and Conditions for Business Interaction with The Rhinestone World, Inc. For questions about the following, please call (941) 755-1696 or email [email protected]. Revised 1/10/2021

Note: This item is a digital download, the download link will be available in your account after purchase. Physical production materials are not included with the downloadable content. The colors reflected in the images are for informational purposes only. By purchasing this design/font digital download or fundraising package from, you agree that you will not share, copy or sell any of The Rhinestone World Inc. designs/fonts to any company or third party at any time. . These files are for the sole purpose of your business creating finished products (t-shirts, decals, cups, etc.) for your customers. You also agree that you will not create pre-made templates or transfers of this design/font or offer it for sale at any time. This design/font is exclusive to the company completing this online purchase at Failure to comply with these agreements may result in legal action. What is allowed?

  • You may use any digital download item/source for personal and/or commercial use. This means that you can use it to create a finished product for yourself or use it to create a finished product to sell to your customer.
  • Purchased digital download files and/or fonts of any kind may be used on physical products for sale only.
  • Fonts from any file type may be used to create commercial products, text-based digital designs, but the digital item or font itself may not be resold or redistributed without the express written permission of The Rhinestone World Inc.
  • Sublimation designs can only be used on physical finished products, not printed transfers.

What is not allowed (either for sale or free)?

  • A Digital Item itself, in its original format as purchased from, may not be resold, sublicensed, transferred, shared, or otherwise redistributed in its original digital format (for example, as purchased). .
  • The Digital Item itself may not be included in or with the sale of any other product. (e.g., you purchase a baseball design. You may not include the digital file of the baseball as part of a kit/bundle of other items sold together or with the purchase of any other item displaying the baseball design). baseball).
  • Digital cut files may not be digitized or resold as embroidery files.
  • Fonts may not be digitized or resold as embroidery files.
  • Uploading a full or partial font of any kind to recreate on demand or on a POD site or any third party software is prohibited.
  • Website images as displayed on any page or element, or images of a finished product containing any element, may not be used to promote or market your website or a product for sale on your website (for For example, you are not permitted to use stock photos or your own mockups of items listed on our website, whether for sale, illustration, marketing or otherwise, for your own use for any reason without the express written permission of The Rhinestone World Inc.
  • Sublimation designs cannot be printed as transfers or sold.
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Downloadable Software or Items. Due to the nature of downloads, in that they can be replicated across multiple devices and often cannot be easily or completely removed, all sales are final on software and downloadable items, including but not limited to downloads. Packs, Illustration Packs, True-Type Font Packs, Fundraising Packs, CorelDRAW, TRW Design Wizard™, TRW Calculators, Silhouette Designer Edition, Silhouette Business Edition and Silhouette Connect.

Warranty and support TRW strives to excel in providing warranty coverage and support for its industry leading products. Equipment such as cutters and heat presses have different warranties depending on the manufacturer. In addition to warranties, TRW seeks to provide quality phone, email, and screen sharing support for the products it sells. Please note that TRW stands behind its products, but cannot provide comprehensive training remotely through normal support channels. For training resources, check out TRW’s library of YouTube tutorials, as well as live and recorded webinars.

Sorting out TRW processes orders exclusively through its online website and accepts credit card, Klarna and PayPal payment methods. Phone or email ordering is not available. Payment by check is not accepted.

Credit card authorization TRW reserves the right to request that a credit card authorization form be completed for large orders to stop the current industry problem of credit card fraud. The credit card authorization form will require the last 4 digits of the credit card number, the expiration date, the name of the cardholder, and the billing address listed with the credit card company. TRW believes that this method will help protect the identity of its customers and preserve competitive prices by avoiding the added costs of dealing with fraud. Please note that orders pending credit card authorization will be held until the form is fully completed and submitted to TRW.

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Tax exemption Customers who qualify for tax exemption should email a copy of their tax certificate to [email protected]. The 9-digit zip code on the tax certificate must exactly match the zip code used when making the payment on the TRW website to validate and apply the tax exemption. All prior year tax certificate information is removed from the TRW system on 12/31. TRW will need a current copy of the tax exemption form each year. To ensure that you are not charged sales tax, please submit your updated tax certificates on time. Customers will not be refunded for sales tax collected prior to presenting updated tax certificates.

Social networks TRW reserves the right to moderate and censor, when necessary, any of its publicly available social media, forums, or modes of communication against obscenity, inappropriate content, or self-promotion. Moderation of all objectionable content will ultimately be at TRW’s discretion. Repeat violators may be permanently banned from participation.

promotions Unless otherwise stated, coupon codes are valid once per customer. Coupons are not valid with special offers, promotions or reduced price offers. Coupon valid until the specified expiration date and administration does not need to extend beyond this date. The management reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion at any time and for any reason. Promotions limited to available stock. Material promotions are not valid on hardware, boards, starter kits or software. Individual design promotions are not valid on artwork/font packs. TRW Design Wizard is not subject to price reductions or discounts. Sales tax still applies for the duration of any and all promotions. Contact TRW support for more information at [email protected]

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gifts Any TRW sweepstakes winner can claim their prize by indicating the sweepstakes and date in the comments section of an order that requires shipping. If the winner is unable to place an order that requires shipping, please let us know. [email protected] and TRW can ship the prize for free. Sweepstakes winners must live in the continental United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Winners who do not live in the continental United States must place an order that requires shipping or they will not be able to receive the prize. Prize claims will be verified against TRW’s records. Winners will have 2 weeks from the date of their announcement to claim their prize before they are no longer eligible to receive their winnings.

If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected]

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