Bocchi the rock! Opening song name, artist, lyrics and where to download the intro

Bocchi the rock! is primarily an anime about music, as it features schoolgirls in a band. As such, you are sure to have amazing music. here’s all about it Bocchi the rock! opening song name, artist, lyrics and where you can download the intro!

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Bocchi the rock! Opening song name

The opening theme of Bocchi the rock! its titled Seishun Complex.

The word “seishun” means “blue spring”, but it is one of those words that imply untranslatable concepts and can only be expressed descriptively.

According to the language learning website and app, Rosetta Stone:

In anime or manga, “seishun” often means falling in love or the thrill of the most intense feelings you may experience as a teenager or young adult.

Because many associate this human awakening with the natural awakening of spring, the Japanese phrase speaks of a universal idea that has no equivalent in English.

Bocchi the rock! features a shy female lead who has so far been unable to live her dreams to the fullest.

Will joining the band she’s always dreamed of lead to her own awakening of the intense feelings associated with youth?

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Bocchi the rock! Opening song lyrics

Bocchi the Rock Ikuyo Kita opening song lyrics

Credit: CloverWorks

Bocchi the Rock!s opening, Seishun Complexfeatures lyrics that describe the main character quite well:

I liked being drenched in the rain

because my face looked better cloudy

I pretended to be afraid of the storm

while waiting for the sky to explode.

Many teens (and even adults) tend to romanticize their negative feelings while hesitating to give in to a more intense way of life, rather than wait for good things to happen.

This appears to be the case for the show’s shy main character, and Bocchi the rock! it’s her journey of self-discovery and finally daring to do what brings her joy, making the lyrics even more fitting.

Bocchi the rock! Opening song artist

Bocchi the Rock Opening Song Artist Ryou Yamada

Credit: CloverWorks

The artist who performed the opening of Bocchi the rock! It’s called the Kessoku Band.

Right now, their only job together is Bocchi the rock! songs

It’s unclear if they’ll be making any other anime singles or music independently of this particular show, but we’d definitely like to hear more of their work.

The song features lyrics by Ai Higuchi and was composed by otoha, with arrangement by Ritsuo Mitsui.

Higuchi’s previous work includes the music for Attack on titans: the last season.

Where to download the opening song of Bocchi the Rock!

Where to download the opening song of Bocchi the Rock!  Nijika Ijichi

Credit: CloverWorks

You can download and listen Bocchi the rock!‘s opening Song, Seishun Complexlegally online on Spotify as the band now has their own Spotify page.

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