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Sajid and Abdu arrive at the discussion room. Bigg Boss says Sajid, Abdu is our guest, we want you to be his translator. He asks to tell everyone. Sajid tells everyone that he is Abdu’s official translator. Sajid shows Abdu around. He says don’t go in the pool it’s deep. He says that it is Bakri (goat).

4 a.m.
Abdu tells Bigg that I’m fine with the translation. He says please send small weights for my exercise. Sajid says please Bigg Boss.

4:45 a.m.
Soundarya says that I sat down with Archana. Priyanka says that she is pretentious. She wants to get into everything. Sreejita says that she does, she wants to be in everything. Archana says you cook for them and they do this.

10 a.m.
Archana tells Tina that you left the stone on. Be careful. Tina says no. I close it Archana says she accepts your mistake. Tina tells me to shut up. Archana says then I lie. She shouldn’t have left it on. Gori says I saw it, it was one.


They all wake up dancing.


Sajid laughs with Abdu. He tells Sajid a secret. Sajid says that he is so cute. Tina says yes, he is very cute. Soundarya says that I have never stolen. Sajid says but you said you are here to earn money. Manya says that money is more important to me right now.

1:30 AM

Abdu picks up his little microphone. Everybody is happy. They all hug him. He says it’s very nice. Tina asks the MC what your real name is. Altaf says. She says why was your name Mc? She says that she liked me. I dropped out of college when I became famous. MC raps for them. Everyone enjoys it. Nimrit also joins them. Everyone claps. Ankit says very well.


Bigg Boss welcomes you. He says what’s next? They all say homework. He says that everyone wants to make a name for themselves. I say good morning to all of you first. I don’t want everyone to copy previous participants. I want everyone to change. The system is different. The first thing I would change is the morning song. Everyone will wake up to the alarm and then sing Chief Bigg’s alarm. Everyone is shocked. They read it on the wall. Bigg Boss says that the responsibility of this captain. All together sing the anthem. They say we like it. Bigg Boss says learn it so you don’t ruin Bigg Boss’s mood in the morning. Nimrit teaches Abdu. Archana says that I thought she could dance to amazing songs.


Nimrit says that today we have eaten all the eggs. We have to be careful. Tiina says you’re the captain, he takes a stand. Sajid says take a stand and execute it. Don’t discuss it with anyone. Sajid asks Abdu if he has a girlfriend. He says he had one, she’s gone. Sajid gives him a Partha.


Sajid asks Abdu if he is rich. He says that he is not that rich, I have started earning now. My life was very difficult. We had a very bad house. I’m going to buy a new house this time I’ll be back. Sajid says that you are very intelligent and have a good heart. If someone makes fun of you, let them do it. He says yes, I don’t care. If they’re laughing, that’s his problem. Sajid says too deep just don’t go in the pool. They laugh.

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Abdu and Shiv are cleaning. Shiv asks Sajid to bring a garbage can. He brings it up. Abdu gives it to Shiv. They both clean the floor. The phone rings. Tina chooses. It is Amir Khan. She is surprised. She says that this is Amir Khan. The season has started. It’s so good. I want to talk to Shalin. Shalin says… I really like your body. Shalin says that he is actually Amir Khan. Amir says can we do a homework? I want you to dive into the pool. I want to see it. Shalin says that Amir Khan asked me to jump into the pool. I swear it was him. I thought it was a joke. They all ask him to jump. Shalin takes off his shirt and jumps. Everyone claps. He picks up the phone, Amir Khan says to do it one more time. Shalin jumps again. He says he was perfect now, sir? Tina says you might have to do it again. not perfect Shalin answers the phone. Amir says this wasn’t perfect and I’m a perfectionist. Shalin says again. Mister? He goes back to the pool and says that if this wasn’t Amir Khan and someone was playing a prank on me, he would lose his mind. Shalin jumps again. Amir Khan says that this was very good. He says that you are really Amir sir? He says yes. Shalin is confused.

five pm

The phone rings again. Everyone greets one by one. Soundarya chooses it. She says that I want to talk to Gautam. Gautam picks up the phone. He says I have a great physique. I want you to show how good your physique is. He says that they are asking me to take off my shirt. He takes off his shirt. It’s Hirthink Roshan. He asks Gautam to do a dance move. Gautama dances. He does Hirtika’s moves. He picks up the phone again. Hrithik says good job. I like it.


Nimrit says that Tina, Manya, Priyanka, Sreejita, Soundarya and Sumbul will cook. His teams will be divided day and night. Archana says I want to cook. I decided it at the beginning. Nimrit says that you can cook if you want, but that will not be your duty. Archana says that I can cook well. Why are you doing this? She says that the kitchen department is not your duty. Gori said that he will prepare tea. Archana says you can’t change duties like this. This is not OK. Nimrit says that I am the captain. Don’t take mileage. Sumbul says that she is the captain. Priyanka tries to talk to her. She says I don’t want to talk to you.


Sonu Nigam calls Tina. She says that you are real Sonu? Please, she sings for me. She says that I want you to do a task with Abdu. Abdu will sing and you will dance at Dil Deewana. She asks Abdu if she knows this song. He says yes. I’m going to sing Abdu sings and Tina dances. Everyone else is eating. Sonu tells Tina that you did well and also tells Abdu.


Archana receives a call from Pankaj Tripathi. He says that you are tasked with going to the most useless person in the house and writing useless on their head in black ink. Archana says this would be fun. She cpiisk the Kajal from her. Archana approaches Nimrit and tells her that I have a task. Nimrit says that I will not leave you. He says that Bigg Boss has asked me to write useless about the person I find useless. Manya says that this is not right. Re crazy? Archana says that I have this task and I have to do it. Nimrit says it’s fine. He writes uselessly (bear on the head). Nimrit says I will take my stand. I can’t change homework and things for your convenience. Nobody liked the tea you made. Priyanka says yes, nobody liked it, but we didn’t say that because we didn’t want to hurt you. Archana says it’s fine, but I have to write it down. Nimrit gets angry. He says I don’t want to talk to you. Nimrit goes to the bathroom. Archana tells Pankaj that she did his homework for him.

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7:30 PM

Shalin lies down on the bed. He says where I am going. He wanted to be rich listening to MC Stan’s songs.

8:30 PM

Manya says I’m with you. We can’t support you Archana if you’re wrong. Archana says that I came here to find out if I can do politics or not. If I’m wrong, I always apologize. I am nobody’s servant. I will not do a job like this.


Bigg Boss is on call. He asks about Nimrit. Nimrit tells Nimrit that all the calls were pranks. Go to the confession room and ask everyone to gather in the living room. Bigg Boss tells Nimrit that I have eyes on the captain 24/7. If I see that the captain is not well, I will call him and fire him immediately. You have to be responsible all the time. When the captain is fired, the new task for a new captain will be done immediately. Many rules are being broken. If the phone rings, it’s a danger to you. She leaves.

9:30 PM

Nimrit tells Archana that everyone cooked to get dirty. Archana says you cook Sreejita. I’ll clean up later. Just cook clean, it won’t be a problem. I won’t keep doing it all the time.

MC Stan arrives at the confession room. He says you are very talented. Would you teach me some rap? MC Stan teaches him and Bigg Boss sings after him. Bigg Boss says that MC Stan on stage and in the house is a little different. He says I know, that I’m trying to fit in. I’ll do the best I can. Bigg boss say sit me down bro? MC laughs and says yes brother.

Nimrit tells Stan that you haven’t done any homework yet. You will have to do something. He says I will.


Sajid washes the dishes. Ankit says to put the cups down. Sajid says that we can make a rule that everyone has to make their own plate and cup. Gautam says that there are too many Nimrit dishes. We have done it three times. Nimrit says that I am not even able to talk to anyone. We are all adults here. If you do your own work, there will be no problem. Archana I can’t clean up before they do the dishes. Gautam says that it should be washed before the dishes. Archana says so I’m going to clean the sink and water again?

Sajid says that it is very irritating. She gets angry. Manya says that she considers herself too important. Gautam says that if we see leftovers in anything, we will leave the cup.

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12 am

Gautam asks MC to do his cleaning on time. We are not servants of anyone. MC says when did I say you’re my servant? Don’t show me this attitude. Soundarya asks him to calm down. Gautam says that I am not showing your attitude. MC says to keep your voice down. Nimrit asks them to calm down. MC says you just want to sit and watch people do their homework. Gautam says that I am not the captain. I didn’t show any attitude. Are you coming to hit me? MC says you’re yelling. Shalin says that he is a harmless guy. MC says he cleaned it up. Sajid asks Gautam to calm down. Sajid says that he is a rapper. Gautam says that I washed the dishes first. Gori says that he did his job. The captain is reviewing his homework. Gautam says that he asked me to sit here while he does his work. MC says it wasn’t even a problem. Nimrit says that I know he was wrong. Shalin says that he speaks in that tone. You are wrong, Gautam. Sajid says that he is a good guy and so are you. Come on, be a bigger man. Gautam says I have no problem with him.

Sajid takes Gautam inside and asks them to hug them. Gautam and MC hug. MC says I’ll clean twice for you bro. Sajid says that Gautam is your fan. MC says I respect him too. Sajid says now give me 20 rupees for cheating both of you.


Tina and Sreejita arrive at the confession room. Bigg’s boss says the fans and I are confused. Both said that they are old friends, but the media reported that they both had problems. Tina says the media keeps spreading rumours. we have never taken any bite in the media. Sreejita says that she said that our moms are friends. We have been too much in contact for 2 years. Tina says that we have no problems with each other. Bigg Boss asks Sreejita that he said that he didn’t like Tina’s domineering nature at the Goa retreat. Tina says when did I overpower you? Srajeeta says you liked things your way. Tina says that she wasn’t even my place. Why would she dominate him? Sreejita says that we stayed there for 3 months. We had some fights there. Tina says those were minor issues. I was not dominating. Sreejita says that I felt that way. I’m even a bit overbearing, so it clashes sometimes. Bigg Boss says that both we and the fans are in a hurry. Sreejita says it’s only been a day. To me, Tina is also one of the other contestants. So I have the same approach as her. Tina says that the two have known each other for 10 years. We don’t see any relationship between you two. We wanted clarity, both the fans and myself. You can go now.

2:45 a.m.
Archana says she was cleaning, they said they wanted to do the dishes. I said it was difficult. Shalin says that Sajid Bhai should get something else. Tina says that he wants to be a captain. Nimrit says that everyone does it. Nimrit says correct. Archana says that he (Sajid) is not happy. He doesn’t sit with people. Shiv says yes. He sits with people and makes you laugh. You always learn from him.

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