Animal Park Game 1.1.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is made by Sparkling Society, a mobile game company that specializes in city building. The game gives you the exciting experience of building and managing a zoo in the city.


Introduce about Zoo Life: Animal Park Game

Colorful zoo management game!

Build your own zoo

In Zoo Life: Animal Park Game, you get a job as a manager of a big zoo in the city. You decide everything here, such as caring for the animals in the zoo, managing revenue, costs and profits, hiring keepers, and developing plans to attract visitors to the zoo.

It is because you take on so many roles at the same time and make a series of decisions big and small that you will be constantly busy. But in return, you will be well rewarded. Prepare yourself mentally for this game!

You will create the zoo of your dreams. You can choose the animals you want to bring to the zoo, take care of them the way you think, see beautiful animals you’ve only seen in documentaries before, or design and rearrange the details according to your needs. You decide everything, you decide how to attract tourists in your own way. You have full control of this game. The built zoo will reflect your thinking and building strategy.

In particular, Zoo Life: Animal Park Game can be played offline, it can still be played without an internet connection. This feature makes the game more accessible than many other simulations. You can play (or continue the game without finishing) anytime and anywhere in the game sessions, regardless of the short or long time.

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collect rare animals

To create a valuable zoo, in addition to locating it in a convenient place for anyone to visit, you must own a collection of rare animals from around the world.

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game allows you to explore many species of wildlife around the world, from the Arctic to the deserts of Africa. In order to collect an animal, you will need to complete a card collection challenge. You will have to dive, fly or run fast to capture the strangest animals on earth. Soon you will have many rare animals such as polar bears, rhinos, gorillas, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, crocodiles and lions… creating a unique and rare feature for the zoo that no other zoo has.

Take care of animals in a special way.

Bringing rare animals to the zoo is just the beginning. You should also care for them in a separate way suitable for each species. You feed the penguins with minnows, you feed the elephants with sugar cane, you feed the rabbits with carrots, you find additional animal meats for the white tigers…

You can watch the baby monkeys drink milk or watch the penguins waddle. You will hardly forget a lovely moment like this when you play Zoo Life: Animal Park Game.

Upgrade and unlock many interesting items

When you are actively working for a while, you will come to the game updates. The update will help you unlock new features to collect more animals, open new areas to expand the zoo, and add decorations and equipment to renovate the zoo’s infrastructure, such as benches, restaurants, restrooms, food and beverage outlets…

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While unlocking, you should also consider which one to choose first because the number of unlocks is limited while customer demand is continuously increasing. They need to see rare animals and admire a beautiful zoo with a lot of new and modern equipment. They want to see flowers and plants in the garden, and they also want to enjoy food, entertainment and many other amenities. At every moment there will be urgent needs. It is necessary to observe objectively and make the right decisions.

Color interface, lovely characters, animals, objects.

Zoo Life: Animal Park Game attracts players also thanks to the graphics. In the zoo you can see charming animals that move rhythmically. You can also manually customize and decorate the areas according to your own wishes.

The characters you play, the staff, and the visitors to the zoo are beautiful and cute. Just looking at the bright colors in this game is enough to make you happy.

Managing the entire zoo is not easy

Once you’ve established your zoo’s initial reputation and attracted a certain number of visitors, it’s time to hire more staff to ensure work is done on schedule and the workload is shared.

Every little element needs to be carefully considered to ensure reasonable income and costs, such as who to hire, what roles, how much salary, and how to attract tourists. You should also prepare for unexpected situations or future plans for the zoo.

Download Zoo Life: Animal Park Game APK and MOD for Android

Helping to play construction simulations and manage a fun and energetic zoo without internet connection, Zoo Life: Animal Park Game is the game to download whenever you get bored.

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