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This time I will give a tips tutorial on how to get movies on WhatsApp Net.

Are you someone who likes to send videos from cell phones to laptops or computers using WhatsApp? If you are sure then you need to use WhatsApp Net to do it quickly.

To send videos on WhatsApp, we will send it to our number or group. Just create a second number on your phone or use a group that has one member, that’s yourself.

After creating your individual group or chat with your individual number, you can send videos on WhatsApp which will probably be saved on your PC/Laptop.

Here are tips on how to download WhatsApp Net videos directly saved on laptop or PC.

Tips on How to Download Saved Videos on WhatsApp Net to Laptop/PC

To avoid wasting a WhatsApp Net video on your computer, just make sure you haven’t sent a video in several weeks, because we may not be able to download the old video on WhatsApp online.

Be sure to post the most recent video in your chat or group. So you can learn how to download videos on WhatsApp Net directly saved on your laptop or computer.

  1. Open WhatsApp network.
  2. Sign in together with your WhatsApp account.
  3. Choose the chat or group by which the video was posted.
  4. Next, choose the video you want to download on WhatsApp online.
  5. then choose down arrow key.
    2 easy ways to download videos on WhatsApp Web (could be a lot)
  6. After that choose the menu. get / obtain.
    Save as a new file and select Save
  7. memorize to the laptop computer/pc folder.
  8. Give him the reputation you want and press the button save/simpan.
  9. He did.

Tips on How to Download Multiple Movies Immediately on WhatsApp Net

So what if there are a lot of movies that we need to get? We can also do multiple downloads or get multiple videos at the same time on WhatsApp Net.

Here are tips on how to easily download multiple videos on WhatsApp Net.

  1. Open WhatsApp network.
  2. Sign in together with your WhatsApp account.
  3. Choose a chat or group with multiple movies.
  4. select subsequent WhatsApp group/profile information about me.
    select whatsapp dock link media
  5. Select the next menu Media, hyperlinks and paperwork.
    Download many videos on whatsapp web
  6. put a mark All the movies you need to get.
  7. final Click the get button in the right corner of the menu.
  8. Save with the title you need.
  9. He did.


Well, these are tips on how to download videos on WhatsApp Net simply and quickly.

You will be able to download one after another or several movies at the same time simply on this WhatsApp network.

Good luck and good luck.

In case you have any questions please comment, thanks.

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